An Expert Team and our Testimonials

Our relocatees and their families rave about the personal service and attention to detail they receive from the RIL Consultants. They appreciate the speed with which they find their new home and expert advice and support they receive while settling into their new lifestyle
The RIL Team takes pride in our testimonials. We live by our reputation and “Excellent” feedback
This is what our relocatees and companies have to say:-

Relocations International Ltd has been awarded Best International Relocation Services Provider – New Zealand & Relocation Services Director of the Year – New Zealand. This achievement marks Relocations international out as one of the most outstanding performers in their field.

Personal Testimonials:

“Ken and I both want to thank you sincerely for the help you have afforded us to find such a perfect home for us for the next 12-24 months! Your focus, drive and sense of urgency – on our behalf – was invaluable to us having a house signed up by Wed night of the first week of Ken starting his job in Orewa! Oh my goodness, what a result!!!”

Karen - Relocation Hamilton to Auckland 26/1/17

“I would like to thank you very much for all your support during that process. I would of course complete the feedback and present to PwC.
I would specially like to thank Diana. She was extremely helpful, professional and patient 😉 I know it was not easy to meet my expectations and find the house I was looking for – however she did that! She took care about me and my all family during our two trips around Auckland, which required a lot of patience. She was prepared for each trip (i.e. had a baby seats) and shared a lot of useful information. What I appreciate a lot that she was also open and shared her opinions and views, which is very important for someone who does not yet know the culture and new place.
I will definitely recommend your services to others.”

Relocation United States to Auckland

“We bought that house in Lamia Place in The Gardens that you introduced us too.  Thank you so much.  We would never have looked at it if left to our own devices.

A couple of hiccups along the way, ie lack of a code of compliance certificate and reluctant sellers but they have never bargained with people who have lived in India.

So all in the world is fabulous thanks to you.”

Kerry and David - Relocation Wellington to Auckland

“Feedback on Anna from Hamilton; Lovely lady, answered all our questions, helped us with our tax code etc etc but most of all she was great!!”

Thanks again

Alex (the Warehouse 2016) - Relocation from UK to Hamilton

“Thank you for your wishes. I would use this opportunity to thank you once again for your help and support. We really enjoyed your company and attention making this a better experience than it could have been on our own.

I will definitely recommend the service of your company further to be used by EY – we are very satisfied with the service we received from you and Jane in Auckland.

Please pass on our big thank you to Jane as well, she was very helpful and friendly.”

Ugnius (E&Y) - Relocation to Auckland

“Thank you so much for your help. I’ve quickly completed the form, sorry I have not left many comments! There was nothing negative to say. Your emails have been very punctual and helpful and Juanita’s advice and orientation was amazing. Thanks to her I managed to get a phone and a car, and was able to narrow down my flat/house search. I am extremely pleased and could not imagine a better way to be greeted to Auckland. ”
Thank you both for everything,

Vérane (DB Breweries) - Relocation from France to Auckland

“Thank you also for all the help that you have done for us as a family – having Juanita has been fantastic. She is a fabulous lady and has made me feel totally at ease and well supported during our first few weeks here. Having someone like that there to help,  not only makes life easier in relation to the day-to-day practicalities of setting up a new life and home, but also gives me the confidence to get out there and do things, as I know I am not alone and have some great back up and support around me. So thanks to both you and Juanita for helping make our transition to life in Auckland such a smooth and fun one.”

Suzanne Burrell (Sky City) - Relocation from South Africa to Auckland

“I think that it is time for me to thank you both for the ongoing care, and outcomes of the service that you provided to me, and many others, on our resettlement to Auckland.
As a consequence of the morning tea gathering that you hosted, I have been getting together with Susanna, Wendy and Connie on a regular basis, for coffee, cultural pursuits eg Auckland Domain, the Fish Market Tour, and general girl time. We all had to MAKE friendship happen, sparked by an intital attraction or curiosity, and a realisation of some common life stages and interests.
Following this time of developing our friendships, we all got together at my house for a home cooked Indian Banquet, as a precursor to all going to see the stage show Soap, along with our husbands last weekend, and have forged definite links and plans for Chirstmas, and the lovely summer months ahead.
The Tea Party was the single most valuable ‘service’ in the whole experience of moving here, because at the end of the day, it is people, friendship, fun and support that mean so much when you have moved country, left family far behind, and need to resculpt your life.
Thank you once again, I know that other groups of friendships were sparked at that time, and overall, we are all still in contact.”
warm regards

Peta Gilbert (Aecom) - Relocation from the United Kingdom to Auckland

“I wanted to write you and let you know that Lisa has done an amazing job helping me since my arrival in Wellington.  She has really gone above and beyond her obligation, most importantly to me by helping me to search for my pup on Friday evening when she jumped the fence and disappeared.  Lisa drove to Petone and scoured the streets looking for NJ.  Thankfully NJ was returned to me on Saturday morning.  I am so overwhelmed by Lisa’s kindness too.  You have a gem of an employee in her.  :)”

Sarah Lotham(GHD) Relocation to Wellington

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say how brilliant Diana was on Friday. The flats were of a good standard and got better and better through the day. Hopefully we have found somewhere, just waiting to confirm today.
She was really friendly and chatty, had amazing knowledge of cafes, places to eat, things to do, shop etc.. and her skills with the agents were great. We were a bit sad that we found somewhere as we wanted to spend more time with her! An absolute asset to your company.”

Clare Bowes (PWC, 2015) - Relocation from the United Kingdom to Auckland

“Jenny & I would like to let you know that Jude Day has been absolutely brilliant and so helpful. Nothing is too much trouble and she has really gone the extra mile for us for which we are most great full. Thanks to you as well for keeping in touch and checking  that things we’re progressing.”

Colin Lahana (GHD)- Relocation from Australia to Christchurch

“Linda was welcoming, friendly and made us feel at ease from the start.  She was clearly knowledgeable about the local area and her advice was helpful when we were considering where we should live.  She had clearly spent time researching potential properties for us and regularly exceeded our expectations.”

Relocatees from Bracknell UK to Wellington Aug 2015

“Consultant was overall great.  I appreciate her efforts to show my wife around when she arrived some weeks later.”

Relocatees from Singapore to Wellington Aug 2015

“The service provided by Leo was exceptional and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to move to Beijing. He was extremely professional, polite and friendly and he represented us very well to agents and landlords who were present at viewings. At short notice he provided us the opportunity to view a range of apartments in 11 different locations. This worked really well for us and gave us an appreciation of the general rental property market. In summary – top service, delighted customers.”

Relocatees from New Delhi to Beijing Feb 2015

“Consultant Identified/communicated cultural differences between NZ & Belgium. The programme helped with finding out more about the general life, customs, health and medical issues.”

Cultural training for relocatees moving from Wellington to Belgium. Jan 2015

“Angela was very helpful and it was a great orientation and result….. A fast orientation works well as it allows us to see the city and have info on areas for accommodation and pricing.”

Relocatee from Scotland to Wellington

“Anna took time to listen, was flexible and adaptable.  Very prompt and efficient.”

Relocatee from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

“Where to start on describing the value our Relocations Consultant provided….? Organisation of our house hunt in order to proceed with maximum efficiency. And help to immerse ourselves in the Wellington rental market when we had only just landed in the country. Someone to ask the ‘stupid questions’, and to help us avoid the pitfalls. A shoulder to cry on (not quite, but someone with a ready wise word when the first property fell through and when we thought we might never find a place). An instinctive understanding of the ‘whole family’ in the process, including 101 ideas to entertain a toddler on a house hunt. We will always be grateful to Linda the Ninja, as she became known. I could go on…”

Lucy Mouland & Andrew Williams from Norfolk to Wellington

“Your team did a great job and even though we thought we knew Sydney we quickly realised that we didn’t!  We gained a good insight into where we really wanted to live.”

Clare Wilson – Relocatee from Milan to Sydney

“I am so happy with the city orientation that Linda has given me.  We went to key places in the city. She’s like a living GPS, mapping and guiding me around the city.  She knows Wellington so well, and does her job excellently. I learned a lot from her.

She taught me not only the places but even the names of the trees, plants, etc. She even told me how to properly pronounce words. It’s so nice of her to accompany me in stores to buy stuff that I need. She treated me for a cup of hot chocolate by the beach and I really enjoyed it.

I really am a very happy client of Relocations International via Linda. Such a complete Wellington City orientation experience.”

Michelle Aquino – from Manila, the Philippines

“Linda was brilliant in showing us many useful places but she also assisted us in sorting out the collection of our unaccompanied baggage.  Thank you so much for all the useful information! We really appreciate all the help you have provided.”

Alison Young – from Capetown, South Africa

“The information given on the areas suitable for us to move into provided the most value for us.”

Relocatee from Christchurch to Auckland

“Your local expertise of residential areas including shops and cafes plus seeing how to deal with property agents was valuable.

We are really enjoying our new home – the views are just wonderful, it is lovely & sunny & climbing the hill must be doing us both good! Thank you so much for all your help – you really made the whole business as easy as it could be, from the orientation which was quite a lot to take in on the first day, but stood us in very good stead subsequently as we made our way around & then the visiting of properties, especially when I was on my own & the negotiating & sorting which I wouldn’t have had a clue about! – & then moving – I am sure it was well beyond your brief to help me move in & buy all the housewares but so helpful & actually made it all quite fun – so a huge thank you on all fronts.”

Julienne & Stephen Williams – from Surrey, England

“Angela was able to assess the apartments we had shortlisted and recommend additional ones.  Not having the possibility to do it ourselves and not knowing Wellington, that was extremely valuable.  It is a fantastic service.”

Frederik Geneser and Keri-Lee Huson – from Denmark & Geelong, West Australia

“The most value I derived from having a Relocation Consultant was the personal tailored approach.  Linda was very flexible and responsive and delivered what I needed rather than a ‘standard package’.

This was a supportive service, just what I needed when I had never been to NZ before.  You sourced good accommodation in an excellent location (managing my expectations from the start). I was up and running on day 1 at work (arriving Sat; in work at 9.00 on Mon) and feeling very comfortable and familiar enough with Wellington to operate efficiently by the end of my first week.”

Relocatee from Northumberland, England

“The local knowledge and details of the Relocation Consultant would have taken me weeks if ever, to figure out.  I valued the discussion and reasoning around different options and transport efficiency. Your services exceeded my expectations.”

Anders Holmberg- from Sweden

“We found Leo friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help and answer questions no matter how basic they were. His orientation was very detailed and we fitted in a lot of information in the two days we spent with him.  He was also extremely patient with our 4 year old son who took a shine to Leo.  He was also very helpful sorting out our cell phone account. Our overall experience with him was excellent.  Thank you.”

Relocatees from Wellington to Beijing, Peoples Republic of China January.

“It was very important for us to have a relocation consultant because we didn’t know anything about the country or the town.  We have settled in our first home in Wellington. It is a very nice place.  Dale did a good job helping us. We are very happy with her.”

Relocatee from Nuremburg, Germany

“We’re settled in nicely thank you – thanks to Linda (it’s impossible to describe how fantastic she is).

Linda was completely flexible around our needs – happy to make suggestions but also understanding some things we needed to work out ourselves. Linda became part of our family and we truly couldn’t have done a quarter as much in twice the time.”

Simon Rice and Alison McDonald – from Chichester, England

“Linda was absolutely excellent in supporting our relocation. She is very thoughtful, supportive and goes beyond her work demands.  We felt, in fact, spoiled by her attention to needs and detail.

Linda knew the housing market extremely well and quickly identified our needs. Even though the market choice was limited she found us a place that perfectly suited our needs. Where she exceeded our expectations was right after the earthquake.  She helped us negotiate with the landlord to move in early. Then she helped us stock and furnish our apartment within a 36 hour period.  It was a remarkable achievement.  She knew exactly what to do and where to go and she was very free with her time and services.

We would highly recommend her services without any hesitation. We settled in from a major move in an expedient fashion without any glitches, all due to Linda’s support.”

Marion & Jack Lothian - from Ottawa, Canada

“The pre departure pack was very useful as it gave us a relevant context for the areas and items in the 5 day Programme. Preet gave specific and relevant responses to our questions. The extensive range of properties all fell within our range and Viju took the initiative to also show us apartments outside of our range to create context. Appreciated the flexibility and effort to get us to view kindergartens. We thought the whole programme and schedule was more than appropriate, well managed and delivered. “

Nathaniel MacKay - Relocatee from Wellington to Mumba.

“The most value we derived from our Relocations Consultant was that she understood what we were looking for and found properties accordingly.”

Joan Perarnau Garriga – from Barcelona, Spain

“Having a few food items in the hotel on arrival and the initial guided tour was fantastic.  Dale was an excellent Consultant.”

Relocatee from Victoria, Australia

“Swift results in finding a suitable house based on specified requirement and budget. Your service exceeded my expectations.”

Mike Zambrano – from the Philippines

“Preet’s insights into the Mumbai rental market, thorough local knowledge and experience as an expat were invaluable in our successfully finding a suitable apartment, in an appropriate area for our family, on a tight time schedule. We were equally impressed with the competence and professionalism of the rest of the team that assisted us in our search.   Importantly you listened to what we wanted from an apartment, and tailored our viewings accordingly; to an extent we have not experienced with previous relocation companies. Our experience has prompted us to recommend your services whenever the opportunity has arisen. We truly appreciate the assistance you have given us and wish you every success with your fantastic business.”

Marcelle Foley - Relocation from Wellington to Mumbai

“Dale was exceptionally good and well organised.  We found a rental home within 24 hours of meeting her !” Reuben Jacob – from Lausanne, Switzerland

“The most value we derived from our Relocation Consultant was the input regarding places to live, help during the first week in getting settled e.g. lending linen, heater and towels.

Very good experience; welcoming and kind.”

Jonathan Swartz – from California

“Dale was great at showing me Wellington and setting up appointments to view rental properties – particularly as I didn’t have a car.  It was great having someone who knew the agents and areas so well.  A real benefit.”

Samantha Cockerill - from Brisbane, Australia

“The most value came from finding a nice apartment pretty quickly.”

Colin Hewat – from Dundee, Scotland

“Linda was always willing to help and such a friendly person. She was extremely understanding of my situation and very knowledgeable of most areas of Wellington (if she didn’t know she would go and do the necessary research and get back to me).  She is energetic.  What I liked most was she spoke on behalf of me (as I was not familiar on the way to ask questions of property agents).

“I really cannot recommend anything you could do better.  I think understanding where people come from and the culture from their originating country will help your company. Linda knew quite well of this and so that was great.”

Robby Palackal – from Johannesburg, South Africa

“I just want to highlight that I am extremely satisfied with your services. You obviously have done an excellent job. Thank you very much.”

Kostas Theodoridis – from London, England

“The reassurance of somebody being there in a completely new country with the local knowledge to give advice and guidance on the little things (like what’s going on around Wellington) and obviously the big things (like finding somewhere to live).  I think all the little things are equally as important when you are trying to settle in to a new country.  In particular, the assistance with moving into our new home was extremely valuable.   We feel that Linda was exceptional and helped us to a degree that we could only have wished for.  We think that the service that she provided was priceless.”

Carolyn Bugler – from Cardiff, Wales

“We found the services of Relocations International extremely helpful and liked the fact that Lynda was not only very friendly but approachable so we felt we could ask her anything without feeling silly.  Home Search was probably the most helpful service, not only in securing the house but also very much appreciated Lynda’s help in spending time inspecting the house with me before we moved in.”

Louise & Richard Hamblin – from Tunbridge Wells, England