“I think that it is time for me to thank you both for the ongoing care, and outcomes of the service that you provided to me, and many others, on our resettlement to Auckland.
As a consequence of the morning tea gathering that you hosted, I have been getting together with Susanna, Wendy and Connie on a regular basis, for coffee, cultural pursuits eg Auckland Domain, the Fish Market Tour, and general girl time. We all had to MAKE friendship happen, sparked by an intital attraction or curiosity, and a realisation of some common life stages and interests.
Following this time of developing our friendships, we all got together at my house for a home cooked Indian Banquet, as a precursor to all going to see the stage show Soap, along with our husbands last weekend, and have forged definite links and plans for Chirstmas, and the lovely summer months ahead.
The Tea Party was the single most valuable ‘service’ in the whole experience of moving here, because at the end of the day, it is people, friendship, fun and support that mean so much when you have moved country, left family far behind, and need to resculpt your life.
Thank you once again, I know that other groups of friendships were sparked at that time, and overall, we are all still in contact.”
warm regards