A happy productive employee from Day One

It’s easy to get caught up in the logistics of moving and to underestimate the emotional impact it can have on a relocatee/transferee, their partner and children. Children are barometers for parents’ emotions.
Taking care of a partner and family is crucial for the best performance of a relocating executive. It’s a great investment by an employer to ensure their employee can focus on their new position instead of being distracted and stressed by relocation matters. Global surveys show that 87% of failures are through partner or family NOT settling!

Every transferee and relocatee faces new challenges and therefore new solutions. By completing our questionnaire, or contacting us at no obligation, we can help with your questions and concerns complete our questionnaire at no obligation or contact us.


The level of assistance will vary with each individuals needs. That is why Relocations International provides a variety of flexible but finite programmes to suit each relocation and move.

Ranging from NZ$250 to NZ$5,544+GST: Starting with Relocation International’s tailored Welcome Pack or encompassing a Comprehensive Orientation, Home Rental or Purchase and Settling In Programme. We provide for individuals, couples and families moving nationally or internationally.

Pre arrival support…

  • Our licensed Immigration Consultant can assist with all Immigration requirements to facilitate your earliest arrival
  • We can source, book & arrange appropriate temporary accommodation, be it a serviced apartment, house, motel or hotel for your arrival; arrange payment, keys, security details, cots, car seats etc.
  • We can arrange for a taxicab, airport shuttle or rental car to be at the airport to meet you
  • Prior to departure, we email our customised and regularly updated Welcome Pack.  This includes our Living in New Zealand Book, a City Guide to your new city, a Relocation Checklistand a comprehensive Cost of Living & Property Guide.  These comprehensive Guides include details on finance, tax, accommodation (rental or purchase), profiles of residential areas, education, costs of everything from new and used cars to a shopping list for a family of 4, to sample costs for a range of rental properties, health care, driving, useful websites, Maori culture and New Zealand expressions.
  • Let us help you open a Bank account before arrival.
  • We can assist you obtain an IRD tax number from Inland Revenue.
  • We can source competitive quotes from reputable internationally accredited Removal Companies for the best solution for transporting your personal and household goods.

On arrival…

Your caring experienced Relocations Consultant will provide:

  • Your own Destination Information Pack packed with brochures and information tailored to your individual needs.  (Make sure you include details of these when completing the questionnaire).  This includes; a full map, local events and activities of interest, local attractions, tenancy rights and responsibilities.
  • An Orientation Familiarisation of your new city and suburbs to help you understand the layout of the city and identify preferences for areas to live
  • A sample of the different styles of rental housing including a range within your budget and housing criteria OR a range of suitable properties for purchase (with current market prices)
  • Information on local educational and childcare facilities
  • Details of cultural and sports facilities, transport options, local and general shopping options, your recreational activities and local features.

We will find your home…

Home Search

  • We inform and advise on housing conditions and prices
  • Thoroughly research housing and schools in agreed areas to suit your needs and budget
  • Use our expertise in showing you a shortlist itinerary of available homes which match your criteria
  • Drive you to view selected properties
  • Explain the merits of each property visited, the family community and education options, advising on the strictly zoned State schools, pre-schools or kindergartens in each locality
  • Help you to choose the most suitable home
  • Help with negotiations, terms, lease documentation

Education assistance: Preschool, Primary, Secondary or Tertiary…

Our Consultants will also help you to:

  • Understand and source education options of zoned Public schools and/or Private schools
  • Visit schools and co-ordinate with housing search
  • Choose the best schools or pre-schools for children
  • Fulfill enrolment requirements

Partner assistance

Addressing career aspirations or pursuits of your accompanying partner

When you move in…

Settling In

Our professional dedicated Consultant will assist you with:

  • Connection of utilities
  • Detailed profile of your new suburb including medical, dental, pre-schools, vet, sports, family recreational facilities, hobbies, shopping, service companies, even rubbish and recycling
  • Banking and Finance
  • Medical Insurance appointments
  • Household goods arrival and interim rental furnishings
  • Insurances
  • Vehicle purchase or lease assistance
  • Driver’s licences
  • Furnishings purchase or rent – interim or long term
  • IRD Tax number

Life Coaching/Personal Development, Health and Wellness programmes, Personal Training

Throughout your stay…

Relocatees are so grateful for Relocation International’s valuable complementary services:

  • Social networking and introductions
  • Morning teas to meet other new arrivals

Peace of mind – if you need us, we’ll be there


  • You will appreciate help with severing your lease, cleaning your house, severing your utilities, household goods arrangements, immigration, selling and returning items
  • Utilise the RIL global network to seek the same caring relocation settling services in over 120 other countries

Cross cultural induction

Now, as never before, there is an unrelenting need to know about other countries’ cultures in order to communicate successfully, build and maintain positive relationships. Relocations International offers you cross-cultural Induction programmes for arriving in New Zealand or for your move to another country.

What is the Benefit? Why Relocations International?

Companies and individuals that embrace our caring professional relocation service receive valuable information and expert advice, support and tips and techniques whilst ensuring the rapid success of settling every individual. Each assignee will report for duty stress free from relocation issues, in weeks less than the prescribed time. Partner and/or family will be fully supported throughout their stay.

We go the extra distance with you covering all your concerns.