You will notice the Relocations International difference


Relocations and settling are our sole focus


Where are we?

  • Head Office in Auckland and office in Wellington.
  • Trained consultants in 16 other Provincial cities and towns of New Zealand.  See our New Zealand network.
  • Global network since 1991 in over 120 countries.
  • Since 1994 Member of Employment Relocation Council, ERC, USA.  Attend global training and conferences annually.



  • No one size fits all.
  • Each relocatee and family has different requirements and Relocations International understands the individuality of each move whilst successfully containing the cost and time taken in settling.
  • Relocations International significantly reduces relocation cycle time.



Why is support for a transferee or relocatee and their family so significant?

The 3 biggest life stresses you undergo are the death of a loved one, divorce and moving home!

How does your Relocations International professional caring Consultant make a difference?

Your Relocations International dedicated companion helps you discover the surroundings you enjoy and participate in the special differences that are New Zealand.  She is your mainstay throughout your move until you are settled in your new home with ongoing social contacts and networking morning teas.

Time is a luxury

With Relocations International’s support from the start, you quickly become a productive employee and get time to explore your new lifestyle, enjoying it with your partner, family and new friends.



We care about your wellbeing, please let us know your individual needs, by filling out our questionnaire at no obligation.