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Auckland has 47 volcanic peaks, twin harbours and bush clad hills. It is NZ's largest city, principal port and airline terminal. 

Sprawling over 1094 sq km, Auckland incorporates nine cities and houses over 1.4 million people - a third of all New Zealanders.  

There are only 3 cities in the world that have their country’s population concentrations greater than Auckland: Athens, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Auckland is engulfed by two magnificent harbours only 11km apart and is endorsed as the City of Sails.

Auckland is the most cosmopolitan city with over 30% born overseas.

The population is expected to rise  40% in the next decade. Currently, there are many roading and arterial upgrades and installations in progress, to cater for the additional cars.

Auckland’s average house price is $749,000 (March 2016)

Auckland has the highest proportion of homeowners with mortgages. Residents pay the highest median rent and purchase price in the country.